Fall Trends

Hey guys! Once again, my website was being crazy but this was the longest it’s done this. You know, the thing with the pics? I’ll have to really check that out some other time. For now, I’m going to try this again and see how it goes. Anyways, today’s post will be naming some fall trends I’ve noticed. I just want to say how fall is my FAVORITE season! I’m in love with the sweater weather, scarves, boots, and the return of the PSL…. Let’s get into these favorites! (Images are from Bing)

#1. Sweater Weather!!


Return of the sweaters! Especially the oversized sweaters. Pair these with some skinny jeans (tights if it’s an oversized sweater), booties, and a cool scarf (optional). For accessories, Go with a simple necklace (if you’re not wearing a scarf), some earrings (dangling or stud; if dangling, make sure the earrings aren’t too long) and a simple bracelet or watch. Talk about fall ready!

#2. Booties


Not ready for full blown boots yet (points at self)? These are perfect for that. My favorite way to ¬†wear these would be with a shirt that has quarter length sleeves, boyfriend jeans, and of course a pair of these to top it all off. As for accessories, I’d go with a simple choker, or a statement necklace, and some stud earrings.

#3. Scarves


The cutest way to keep your neck warm. One thing is, (of course) NEVER wear a necklace or choker with a scarf. My favorite way to wear these (I have about 10,000 right now, lol) would be with an off the shoulder top (one shoulder), boyfriend jeans, and some ballerina flats or some simple loafers. For the accessories, I’d go with some simple stud earrings, and either a plain watch or bracelet.

#4. Riding Boats


For the ones who are ready to jump right into boots, go with some riding boots. My favorite way to wear these (when I do), would be with a plaid shirt (short sleeve or quarter length, or even long sleeve), and a good pair of skinny jeans. The accessories could be anything you like!

#5. (Flannel) Plaid… EVERYTHING!


Speaking of plaid, embrace your inner lumberjack and go with some flannel this season! It never goes out of fall style. My (other) favorite way to wear flannel this season is to pair it with some dark wash jeans (or black pants), and and some simple boots or booties. As for accessories, I’d go with some statement earrings, and a simple watch.

#6. Wide Leg Pants


Don’t be fooled! These are one of the biggest fall trends this year. The best way to rock these this season would be by wearing a black or any other neutral color in the pants so that you can wear any sweater or quarter length sleeve with them (you could tuck the shirt in). All the accessories and shoes would be up to you =) !

#7. Quarter Length Sleeves


Well as you can see, I’m OBSESSED with quarter length sleeved tops. Sorry to keep bringing them up, but oh well! This is the t-shirt for fall. You can wear it with just about everything, The biggest benefit of these tops would be how You can be close to warm but not burning up while you’re wearing it. Plus, you’d overall be looking cute!


Well that’s all for today guys! Let me know in the comments how you’d rock these trends this fall and let me know if I missed any! I hope you had, have, and are having a great day.


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