New Years Eve!

Hey guys! As you may know, it’s New Years Eve!! I just want to say that this year has gone by PRETTY fast, but it usually does, at least to me. I just feel like time travels by way too fast to cherish, you know? Anyways, today’s post is going to be about the best way to dress and the best makeup looks for the last night of 2015. These would mostly be directed towards those who are going to a party tonight. I’ll do about 4 ( pairings ) of each of those and I’ll try to do each one based off of a specific style or personality that is more comfortable for each of you wonderful people! Just keep in mind, that you may go for one of these looks on a daily basis or for any party. Also, I don’t know what the weather will be like wherever you lovelies live, but if it’s too cold ( outfit wise ), these looks may look just as great with some tights and boots. Now let’s get started!!!

Makeup Look #1. If You’re Bold…

New Years Eve Bold Eye Makeup look

NYE Bold Eye Makeup Look 2

Go for Glitter!!! You can choose whatever color that you feel, but I just put a silver and a gold look just for example. With the glitter eye look, I suggest you only add some foundation, just not to go over the top with the whole look. Also, for the eyebrows, go for a bit off an arch. Then, if you go with the gold one, I suggest a nice red lip to pull it all together, but if you go with a silver look, I suggest a bit of a pinkish color to pull that one all together. On the other hand, if you go with a bright color, ( like pink, purple, etc. ) you use that same color for your lips. You don’t even have to wear a lipstick if you don’t really feel it, just go with some simple Chap Stick to keep your lips moisturized for the night.

Makeup Look #2. If You’re Classy….

NYE Classy Eye Makeup Look

Go with a cat eye, a nude eye shadow color, and some falsies ( false eyelashes optional, you can just use mascara ). Then, add some foundation, and a little blush. Also, go easy on the eyebrows. Now to finish it all off, a bold lipstick color, if you like. I suggest a red, but you can really go with any color you want. Or, once again, just some chap stick ( but if you do the chap stick, I suggest using the falsies, but it’s your choice 🙂 .

Makeup Look #3. If You’re Girly…

NYE Girly Eye Makeup Look

Go with some eye shadow that has a pop of color! Like above, just go with a colorful eye shadow look. Add on some foundation and a little blush. Then, go for a nude or a nude rose lipstick color to complete the look. Not to offend anyone, but this look isn’t exactly the easiest to pull off, or make look right.

Makeup Look #4. If You’re Outgoing…

NYE Shy Makeup Look

Go for a simple cat eye look with a bold lip! Add a little foundation, some blush, and go simple for the eyebrows. Lastly, the bold lip color, red most likely. Then, there you go!!!! Even if you’re shy, you can still look amazing and stand out.

On to the fashion!!!

Style #1. Bold

NYE Bold Dress

If you’re going with the bold makeup look, I suggest a simple black dress to brig out the glitter eye makeup. To add to the outfit, I suggest a statement necklace and bracelet, then some ( silver; diamond; or gold ) earrings. To pull it all together, strappy heels look the best with this look. If you’re not feeling heels, go flat with some gladiator sandals.

Style #2. Classy

NYE Classy Lace Dress

Go with some lace on your dress! As far as accessories go, I would add some dangly earrings and a really nice watch just to add to that classy feel on the outfit. For the shoes, go for some platform pumps or some regular flats. Whatever you feel!!!

Style #3. Girly

NYE Girly Dress

Go for Fit ‘N’ Flare! For accessories, go with some feather earrings, a simple necklace, and some simple bracelets. For shoes, go with some nude rose pumps or flats, depending on the color of your dress. If it’s colorful, go for a regular nude color, but if it’s like a plain black or white dress, go for a nude rosy color.

Style #4. Outgoing

NYE Outgoing Dress

Go for a high low dress! For the accessories, go with a simple necklace and some stud earrings ( preferably silver ) to keep the outgoing, kind of casual feel to the outfit going. For the shoes, go with flats or maybe even some kitten heels! This is just to add to the casual, outgoing feel.

Well, that’s all for today, guys!!! I hope you lovelies have or had an AMAZING New Year’s Eve, and since I’m not posting on New Year’s Day, HAVE AN AMAZING NEW YEAR!!!

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