MUST HAVE Fall Accessories

Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be about ten accessories that are a necessity this fall. Also, I want to really quickly state that today is Mahogany Lox’s birthday! You guys should know how much I love her! If you love her too you are one of the best people ever. If you have not a clue of who I’m talking about, check her out on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, any other social media! Now, let’s get started!

#1. Dark Floral Patterns

Fall Dark Floral Patern

Goodbye bright floral patterns, you have a replacement. Dark floral patterns are really big this year! I used this shirt as an example because it’s cute, it has the dark floral pattern, and it’s my dream to go to New York. Sure I loved the bright floral patterns before, but these are the replacements and as a fashionista, I have to be chameleon when it comes to new trends. It’s quite simple when you get used to it. You know why? Because wearing one thing for a while can get very boring. I speak the truth.

#2. Any Colorful Handbag

Kate Spade Handbag

Any colorful handbags would be perfect for Fall this year ( 2015 ). I know this may seem more of a Summer or a Spring trend, but trust me, it works for Fall too. I  have seen many prime examples of this trend almost everywhere I go. Even my mom got her a colorful work bag. This works out just as well in Fall as it did in Spring and Summer.

#3. Shimmering Statement Necklaces

Fall Shimmering Statement Necklace

These beautiful necklaces will have a big influence on your jewelry box this year! I only have one of these shimmering statement necklaces, and boy do I want one that looks like this! I would say that one of the best places to get one of these beauties may be Forever 21. You guys have to get one! I want another, just as bad as you want one. 🙂

#4. Over-sized Bracelets ( Cuffs )

Fall Over-Sized Bracelet ( Cuff )

Any cuff or over-sized bracelets would be great for Fall also. I don’t know about you guys, but I have almost ALWAYS loved over-sized bracelets and cuffs as a go to accessory. If you do, I’m sending you a virtual high five. If you don’t I’m sure that you will be convinced sooner or later.

#5. Calf Length Boots

Fall Calf Lengthed Boots

Lastly, you have these amazing calf length boots. I myself have a pair of these boots and have worn them ever since Fall came. These things aren’t just cute, they’re also wonderfully comfortable! They can also be worn with anything in your closet, that is, if you get the right color. For example a dark brown, or a black, or maybe both if you really want to 😉 .

Well, that’s all for today guys! Once again, it is Mahogany( Bae )’s birthday today! I’m sending her a virtual Happy Birthday. I want to meet her SO BADLY! Anyways, I hope you lovelies have or had an AMAZING day. Talk to you guys soon, BYE!!!

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