13 Fall Must Haves of 2015!!! :)

Hey guys! I once again haven’t posted in a while, and I’m extremely sorry about it. Only, there’s been a bit of another change. More changes! From now on ( yes we’re going to that speech ) I will be posting only on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. No specific time anymore because that was the main thing that was killing me. Now that we’ve addressed those things, let me tell you a little about my post today. Today’s post will be a list of fashion items that you will need in order to survive this fall, fashionably. Just so you know, I will be trying to post some pictures in this post and see if they will cooperate with me and hopefully be available to your beautiful eyes. Now, let’s get started!

#1. Duster Coats

Fall Duster Coat

These coats are making their mark this year on the fall fashion radar! I mean, come on, these coats are the total package! They’re long and comfy, EXTREMELY adorable, and they go with almost anything when you find the right color. For example, if you want to wear them with most things in your closet, you may want to try a beige, white, or a black one. Those are also the most popular colors. Their so popular that I couldn’t find a decent pic of one. Even though that was a bummer, this dark red one I found is still pretty cute ( sorry if you can’t see it ). On to the next one!

#2. Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots Fall

Now these are coming into the list to! You know why? BECAUSE THEIR SO CUTE!!! These can be worn with most things in your closet, if they’re black, light or dark brown, and/or white. I can’t get over how cute these shows are! I want a pair as much as much as you guys want one. If you don’t, you still know you do. Imagine that these are literally calling your name. “( Your name here ), come to me, buy me, you know you want to”. Listen to the shoes, they want you to buy them! Anyways let’s move on before any wallets start crying.

#3. Sweater Dresses

Fall Sweater Dress

Do I need to describe the perfection of sweater dresses? What can I say? They are one of God’s greatest creations. Their comfy, and can be worn to dressy events, while you’re comfy!  They also keep you warm while making you look amazingly flawless! You remember our friends the duster coat and over the knee boots? Well put these three together, you have an amazing fall outfit!

#4. Cropped Denim Jackets

Cropped Denim Jacket

When I first found out about these ( yes, I realize that I’m slow ), I thought to myself, that’s my new best friend. Go best friend, that’s my best friend! You know I had to. That was an opportunity worth taking. Anyways, these can definitely go with anything. In the jean and other similar colors ( black, white, dark wash, light wash). I have plenty of these to last me a very long time. I say this because I’m almost positive that these will never go out of style. Next!

#5. Suede Skirts

Fall Suede Skirt

I doubt that any animals were harmed in the making of this BEAUTIFUL skirt. At least I pray so. Anyway, I also see these skirts being worn with duster coats. But the most popular colors that this skirt would come in are most likely this dark brown, light brown, black, even some white! My favorites are the ones with the golden buttons down the middle. The ones that take on a bit of a pencil skirt look are cute too, but of course, being a pencil skirt, I’m scared that it would be too tight and hard to walk in. Even though pretty hurts. Just saying, I’m more of a comfy person, you know.

#6. Anything with Fringe

Fall Fringe Outfit

Fringe, fringe, fringe! I LOVE FRINGE!!! For the fall, if you have anything with fringe ( sweaters especially ), you are prepared pretty well! I say sweaters with fringe especially because it is fall, and it’s getting cold, so you know. Plus it works the best with fall weather.

#7. Stacked Kitten Heels

Fall Stacked Kitten Heels

How could you not want a pair of these beautiful shoes?!? Their comfy, look adorable, and they remind me of my old days as a beginning tap dancer. That’s right! I took tap dancing classes, when I was in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. I’m proud too! Even though it didn’t last THAT long. Anyways, these are a VERY close second to the over the knee boots. I literally mean by like 1 percent. Yep, I just said that. On to the next one!

#8. Wide Leg Pants


Fall Wide Leg Pants

Goodbye ( for now ), jeans! I will miss you, but we will see each other again someday…Why did I say this? Because these may take place of your jeans this fall. It pained me to say this because I do love jeans ( WE ALL have our jean days) but these are great opportunities to wear. They’re just SO PRETTY!!! Almost as perfect as jeans. VERY closely!

Well that’s all for today, guys! I’ll talk to you tomorrow, I hope you lovelies have or had an amazing day 😉 . Bye!!!

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