Strange Reasons You Break Out

Hey guys! I have just one minor thing to say about the time that I will be posting. From now on ( been saying this often =p ), I’ll be posting at 5 : 00 pm. Just getting that out of the way! Anyways, today’s post is going to be 4 really surprising things that makes our faces a pimple’s vacation home. Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s get started!

#1 YOUR PHONE!!! : dun, Dun, DUUNNN! Yep, you heard it hear, folks. Your cell phone is a sneaky little traitor when it comes to being near your face! How often does your cell phone get a little cleanse? If not very often, you will end up seeing pimples near your cheeks and/or anywhere near the area where you hold your phone at. Your phone actually picks up a lot of bacteria and dirt from your hands, your purse or bag, any sort of counter, etc. Then, when you are talking on your phone, it all transfers to your face. The best way to avoid this is to, of course, wipe your screen with an antibacterial wipe often to get rid of all those nasty things off your phone’s screen.

#2 Your Pillowcase : If you don’t change your pillowcase often enough ( The Weekend could sing my blog post =p ), you could end up with pimples also. Your pillowcase is usually covered in sweat and dirt from your hair, hands and build up from the products that you use on your face at night, which can really clog up your pores, too. That’s why you should change that pillowcase! The pillowcase can be the receptionist at the pimple hotel!

#3 LACK OF SLEEP!!! : Oh yeah, it’s definitely time to hit the CLEAN pillowcase earlier! Studying til you drop or having a movie marathon with junk food at 2 am is not good for your skin, whatsoever. You may as well ask the zits to join you! When you’re not sleeping as much as you should, your hormones get out of whack and increase your body’s stress levels. That can cause breakouts, because you know that stress has a pretty high rep for causing pimples. Eight hours of sleep should guarantee you to look and feel your best.

#4 POPPING YOUR PIMPLES! : DON’T POP YOUR PIMPLES!!! This needs to be written on a billboard! Squeezing a pimple might seem like it’s helping, but trust me,, honey, it’s not even close. That’s temporary. The more the pimple gets popped, the longer it lasts on your face! And if your hands are dirty, game over, it gets worse. That’s just adding bacteria and dirt to your face, which slows down the healing process and can cause more pimples to appear. As you should already know, picking at the pimple can also cause redness and scars o your face. Instead of trying to pick at and pop the pimple, try an acne treatment that has salicylic acid.

Well that’s all for today, guys! Let me know what you think of these tips! Did they surprise you? Did you know about these tips? Did they help you out? Anyways, Don’t forget to subscribe, I post every Monday, Friday, and Saturday! I’ll hope you have or had a wonderful day, I’ll talk to you guys soon, BYE!!!

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